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Know yourself

When searching for a new job, you are advised first to assess carefully your own interest, the career prospects of different fields, the market situation and your own ability.

Know the company and job
Before going to any interview, try to get enough information such as company background, business nature, scope of work, responsibilities & job requirements.

Be Punctual & Responsible

Do not forget the time and place for the interview, Make sure you know how to go to the place of interview and you can even have a site visit the day before the interview if you are not familiar with the place. Try to arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the interview. It gives a poor impression to the interviewer if you are late.

If for any unforeseen circumstances that you cannot go for the interview or arrive on time, please notify your recruitment specialist immediately before the interview. They are always standing by to help you (even if the interview is arranged after the office hours). So please bring the agency number with you.

If you want to cancel the appointment, you have to notify us as soon as possible. No show for our appointment for just one-time without advance notice or reasonable explanation will lead to a permanent black-listed record in our database.

First Impression is important

Keep yourself clean and tidy, including your hair, appearance, make up (if any) and dressing. Dress code must be appropriate for the position applied. Formal dressing shows respect towards your interviewer. Do not bring too much unnecessary belongings. Avoid wearing too casually such as jeans and shorts.

*Warning-Do not go for any interview together with your parents or friends. If they want to go with you, ask them to wait for you outside the premise.

Well prepared before the interview

You should be well prepared to answer any question regarding your working history, qualification, family background, strength and weakness, interest and careers expectation towards the new job and the reason for applying the post. Besides make sure you are ready to carry out any relevant tests.

Remember to bring all the relevant certificates and reference letters

You should remember to bring all the original certificates and reference letters for an interview. They must be filed in a neat and tidy manner. For example, your can file them in a transparent plastic folder. It gives an easy reference to the interviewer and prevents the documents from being made dirty during photocopying.

*Warning - Do not provide any fraud certificates and reference letters, you are reminded that it is an illegal action.

Be aware of your gesture during interview

During the interview, be careful of your facial expression and body language. They can tell the interviewer more about you Facial expression and body languages must not be too much and too exaggerated. You should sit in a proper manner also.

If you are very nervous during the interview, try to relax and speak slowly. The Interviewer may not realize your nervousness if you can control yourself. Try to be gentle, polite and have enough eye contacts and smiles.

The questions must be answered clearly and confidently with appropriate voice and pace. Remember that your attitude during an interview is very important. Your attitude and behavior may be observed as soon as you step into the reception areas of the company.
Questioning at the end of the interview

At the end of the interview, the interviewer will usually ask you if there are other questions. Try to prepare and ask for one or two questions. If the company you applied is well established and you have some concept about the salary structure, you are advised not to ask too much about the salary and fringe benefits. This will show that your concern is only about your own interest. If you have difficulty in finding any question to ask, just tell the interviewer that you have no more question for the time being.

Job Seekers traps

In Hong Kong, there are many job-searching traps, you must have a basic understanding of the business nature of the company offering you a post. During an Interview, you must make careful observation and inquiry more about their business nature if you have any doubt. Before signing any employment letters, you should make sure you understand clearly the salary package, all the benefits provided, working hours and other employment terms and conditions.

Closely keep in touch with your Recruitment Specialist

Upon the first interview arranged, you should closely keep in touch with your recruitment specialist. After each interview, you must tell them your feedback; and in return they will pass the comments of the interviewer to you. If you are employed, try to inform us immediately. During the job searching process, if you face any difficulty, you are encouraged to talk to our recruitment specialist. Our Professional and well-trained consultant are pleased to give you our advice and market information.